Through the artist’s eye
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Through the artist’s eye

Introducing Charlotte Rose, an artist and model based in London. We ventured into Charlotte’s world, here to explore her sources of inspiration, her journey to become an artist, and her lifelong relationship with print. Read all about it!

Please take a moment to introduce yourself
My name is Charlotte Rose, I am an artist and model based in London. To an extent it’s not a surprise I have ended up a painter, I’m a third generation artist! I’m lucky enough to have had my first solo show in 2021, the second was in 2022 and I’m hoping to make it lucky number three in 2023!

What does being a woman in 2022/2023 mean to you?
I am extremely attached to my femininity, I feel very womanly. For the majority of my life, I have used it as a conduit to express my feelings, fashion often acts as my words, a dress or a skirt describing how I am emoting in that moment and equally responding to the world around me. A big takeaway from 2022 is the responsibility I feel as a young female artist to continue to push the balance of power that exists within the art world. For so long, apart from a few hero names, art has been a male dominated space and I am excited about the responsibility my generation have taken on, to ensure that creative practice is available and respected by all but equally that we are striving to change the references on who is deemed great. There is a long way to go but we’ve got time!

Do you have memories of print?
Some of my earliest childhood memories are of me walking through Liberty with my mum (an artist and seamstress) to buy scraps of fabric to make into something. Print has always had a strong impact on me and even just this week I was at the British Museum, obsessing over the pattern used across Mediaeval times in art, books and fashion.

What are some of your sources of inspiration?
I am quick to create, I have an idea and the next day I have to set about making something. I have an impatience when I have an idea and if I don’t put it down as soon as possible it disappears. I am absolutely not a neat painter, I love working on large wooden panels, using spray paint and bold colour. I have a deep fascination with vintage branding, from those seen on cigarette packets to Vogue magazines and Playboy shoots. There is an intimacy I love about these.

How did your journey as an artist begin?
My mum and grandparents are all artists so I have grown up in and around creatives and the creative world. My mum would paint these massive murals in the childhood bedrooms of my brother and I. I watched her career evolve from a passion to livelihood and it was very empowering to see that exchange take place. I never thought I was going to be an artist but when I graduated I felt disconnected with what I had studied so I ventured back to the canvas and unintentionally people became more and more interested in buying my works…

How do you feel about the rise of AI art?
We cannot be afraid of new media but I believe a lot of pleasure in art comes from the resonance that there was a human behind a work who put their brain and physical power into creating something you can respond too. There is of course a place for AI art but we need to carve out spaces for both.

Any upcoming plans you want/can share?
I am in the process of getting my third solo exhibit up and running and hopefully this should be live at the end of 2023. We are at the very early stages but it’s beginning to take form.

How does Borgo De Nor make you feel?
As someone who considered themselves to be a lover of all things feminine I fell head first for Borgo de Nor. I love the colours and the patterns, there is joy and strength in the designs and this felt like the representation of myself that I am always seeking from my wardrobe.


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