The woman with the magic touch
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The woman with the magic touch

A longtime friend of Borgo de Nor, we sat down with Frankie Herbert, a hypnotherapist, RTT therapist, Coach and Reiki healer, to learn more about how she finds her inner strength, the secrets of womanhood and the power of a good dress!

Please introduce yourself: your name, where you live and what you do?
Hello! My name is Frankie Herbert, I live in North London with my two little critters; my dog and cat. I am a hypnotherapist, RTT therapist, Coach and Reiki healer.

What does being a woman in 2023 mean to you?
Being a woman in 2023 to me means to push boundaries, to challenge myself, society and the patriarchy by living and expressing myself in a way that feels authentic, without feeling the pressure to conform into what society deems suitable for a woman to do. To stand in my power and own my body, sexuality, pleasure and enjoy the beauty of life with that as my focus

How did you discover healing and transformational therapy?
I discovered healing and hypnotherapy by always having a deep curiosity to understand myself and the world around me. People always fascinated me and I loved reading and learning about the mind, sociology and human connection. In my own healing journey I discovered all sorts of incredible holistic ways to heal and along that journey of self-improvement and healing, I came across hypnosis and changed my entire career path to be able to give to others the clarity and self love and compassion that I finally felt after years and years of assuming that was never possible or available to me.

Do you have any memories of print/What does print mean to you?
To me, print is visual storytelling, it is a way to be confident without words, to show your personality. Wearing prints tells people something about you and that message can be so subjective; I believe we all respond to print differently so wearing a bold print is one way to stand out and express yourself as well as be something that sparks excitement within others.

How do you regroup and find time for yourself?
​​I have learnt through all my training ways to support myself to avoid therapist burnout! I listen to myself and most importantly I listen to my body as it tells me when it’s time to curl up with the pets, run a bath, read a book, journal or just nap. Saying no when you’re asked to hang out or do something when you need to support your mental health and find time and space to unwind is a beautiful way to love yourself.

What inspires you?
My incredible and beautiful friends and, especially my friends in the queer community. I love being around people who are unashamedly themselves, who don’t conform to society’s expectations of sexuality, of gender, of identity. I am inspired by those who express themselves, their sexuality, and their pleasure loudly and proudly. I am so emboldened by those who dare to be different.

How does Borgo De Nor make your feel?
Borgo makes me feel sexy, beautiful, elegant, playful and powerful. It is a brand I love because I feel that I can wear it with my style, I love to pair the beautiful dresses with trainers or chunky worn out boots; I can have my own take on styling in a way that feels beautiful and special yet like I am still being myself.

What are you reading, listening and watching at the moment?
I have just finished reading Boy Parts by Eliza Clark and I gobbled it up! I read it in two days, as I just couldn’t put it down. It covers gender, porn, art, drugs and narcissism, all the juicy stuff that makes for a very darkly funny story. I usually don’t read fiction so I thoroughly enjoyed how glued to this I was. I am listening to my dear friend Glyn Fussells podcast We Can Be Heroes which shares the stories of those who have achieved success by confidently and proudly being themselves and how these ‘misfits’ actually become heroes. I am watching films by Julia Ducournau, they’re sexy and gruesome and provocative. I love films that are twisted yet through a female lens, it can feel so much more real.

What are some of your upcoming plans?
I am planning on working hard this year and focusing on building my practice and expanding my client base with the hopes of being able to support more people in London in their healing journeys. I also have some very exciting things in the pipeline that I can’t say too much about….. but watch this space!

A message you would like to share?
My message is to encourage people to lean into being unapologetically themselves, the more I do this, the easier, happier and funner life has become. I want to share the quote “To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.”― Ralph Waldo Emerson
Also, if you’re struggling you are not alone, and I am here for you

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