Charlotte Rey on Mood-Boosting Colour
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Charlotte Rey on Mood-Boosting Colour

The multitalented Swede on why she’s no minimalist

Swedish-born and London-dwelling creative wunderkind Charlotte Rey co-edited Acne Paper straight after graduating from Central Saint Martins. Now, she’s set up her own creative consultancy and design studio, Campbell-Rey, with her former co-editor Duncan Campbell. Next, the busy entrepreneurs are launching a furniture brand for the millennial, rental, urban generation that will be “very colorful and very fun, almost like jewelry for the home” later this summer. Here, she talks career highs and eclectic reading lists.

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I’m from the south of Sweden

But my style isn’t typically Swedish. A lot of people associate Scandinavian style with Sweden – it’s very classic and on a monochrome colour scale, I think I’m probably the complete opposite. I’m very colourful and I like quite intricate patterns. I’m more Italian in my dressing than anywhere else. In my work, I come back to Italian culture and heritage most often – we work with colours, pattern and textures a lot, and it definitely influences my style.

Wearing colour fulfils my day

And makes me really happy. It’s almost like you dress to feel naked, to feel perfectly comfortable, and for me that means a lot of colour.

A Borgo girl is

Effortless fun, fun, interesting and interested. She’s someone who you want to sit next to at dinner and who has something say and who is curious and enthusiastic.

Interviewing Marina Abramovic was incredibly special

She was incredibly personable, interesting and forthcoming. I must have been 21 at the time, and I thought she was the most the most extraordinary human being I’ve ever spoken to, and it really coloured how I think about the world, about work, and about how we work conceptually within our own practice.

On my bedside table I have

Brunelleschi’s Dome by Ross King, which is the story of the Great Cathedral in Florence. The Tao of Pooh and the Te of Piglet, which is about Taoism described through Winnie the Pooh, by Benjamin Hoff. And I’ve got Pin Up, the magazine for architectural entertainment.

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