An Interview With Nina Litchfield
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An Interview With Nina Litchfield

Conversations have been continuing with our latest gathering of Borgo De Nor women. We sat down with Nina Litchfield; founder of Nina Litchfield Studios, an interior design firm based in London. From her sources of inspiration to the influence of her birthplace, Brazil read all about Nina’s world below.

Please take a moment to introduce yourself

I’m an interior designer living and working in London. I think, like many foreigners in the city, I have found the metropolitan hub of London a space where I can express both my Brazilian and German heritage. The pandemic, like many creatives, allowed me to reassess where I wanted to be heading and, when I met my partner Blanca, it felt like everything finally aligned. Nina Litchfield Studios has been open for 2.5 years now.

What does being a woman in 2022 mean to you?

We take on a lot as women. For me, 2022 has definitely been a year where being a woman means juggling. We strive to be the best versions of ourselves in all spheres of life, it’s this eternal to and fro that’s the greatest challenge.

Do you have memories of print?

I have always been a die-hard print fan. For me, they evoke a million and one emotions; of parties, happy moments and for me, the Borgo De Nor prints have something so sensual and tropical about them.

What are some of your sources of inspiration?

Without a doubt books, I have a huge collection of old magazines that I like to flick through, and I go to them to find the place I want my ideas to come from. I believe that we are all building on the past and this is something beautiful to be appreciated.

Any tips for incorporating print into our homes?

You don’t need to dive in headfirst and transform everything, but start small, maybe it’s some wallpaper, or even some cushions, or an upholstered piece of furniture.

With the festive season upon us, what are some tips for creating a great atmosphere at home

Make people feel at ease! You have to be comfortable for your guests to be. Light candles, grab some flowers and don’t overdress. Borgo is perfect for that; you can look chic and feminine without outshining your guests.

Any upcoming plans you want/can share?

We are working on a new showroom which will be our space where clients can come and see our work. It’s going to be a functional apartment as well, complete with kitchen and bedroom, so that people can get a sense of the homes we like to create. It’s the first blank canvas project I have had in a while (since I did my own home in fact) which is an exciting challenge.

How does Borgo De Nor make you feel?

If it isn’t obvious already, I love it! For me everything about Borgo is a celebration, and it’s so incredibly versatile, wear with trainers or heels, dress it up or down. It’s this versatility that works and I think women crave.


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