An Interview with Julia Baumhoff Zaouk
Borgo Women

An Interview with Julia Baumhoff Zaouk

We sat down with the Director of the White Cube gallery to discuss life, art, the power of impactful prints and what it means to be a Borgo Woman.

Please introduce yourself: your name, where you live and what you do?
My name is Julia Baumhoff Zaouk, I am based in London where I am the Director of the White Cube gallery. To be able to make your passion, your work is a luxury I will never stop appreciating.

What does being a woman in 2023 mean to you?
It means being able to be. I think that we’ve learnt that we can each individually define what womanhood means to each one of us and that’s an incredibly beautiful thing, it’s what makes us such majestic and beautifully complex beings.

Do you have any memories of print? What does it mean to you?
Print played an integral part in my youth from the clothes I was wearing to the decoration in the houses I grew up in. Wearing it now gives me back that unhindered joy and happiness we all thrive off in childhood.

How do you regroup and find time for yourself?
Nothing I love better than getting lost in a museum.

What inspires you?
Art, in all its shapes and forms.

How does Borgo De Nor make you feel?
There is something different about putting on Borgo de Nor, it feels like fashion that connects directly with the way you want to express yourself. I feel beautiful, feminine and confident.

What are you reading, listening and watching at the moment?
I don’t have as much time as I would like for this between work and my family but I’ve got The Whispers by Audrey Audrain on my to-read list.

What are some of your upcoming plans?
A well deserved summer holiday with my children.

A message you would like to share?
Design a life you love and adore its imperfections it makes things interesting



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