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Scents and Sensibility: Meet Perfumer Maya Njie
Borgo Girls

Scents and Sensibility: Meet Perfumer Maya Njie

The London-based perfumer shares her inspirations and signature scent

I grew up in Sweden

And found myself drawn in by scent throughout my childhood and teens on different levels. It wasn’t until I studied at university in London that I started exploring perfume materials and experimenting with compositions.

The starting point to creating a new scent is my inspiration

It could be a place, a photograph or even a person. I think about notes that will characterize what it is I wish to achieve and structure my formula around those. I make a few different variations and leave them to mature. I then go back to them and smell, evaluate, wear and tweak until I am happy.

My old family photo album

Was the starting point for my current perfumes. I’ve created a series of fragrances that tell a story based on these photos and my own childhood memories growing up. Even though they’re personal to me, I find that others relate well to them too.

It’s liberating to have a creative outlet as part of your work

And in a way that you can control yourself. I love that I can combine so many of my favourite design aspects into one job.

I wear Nordic Cedar pretty much every day

It suits all weathers, seasons and times of day for me. I always carry a bottle in my bag.

I tend to get drawn in by smaller repeats and autumnal colour palettes

So, the Clara dress stood out to me for these reasons. The tassels were an added bonus. I do have a pink and frilly side, if done in the right way of course.

Maya wears the Clara Shirt Dress and her fragrances can be purchased via her website www.mayanjie.com

Photography: Jessica Mahaffey
Stylist: Kendal Boyle
Hair & Make-up: Claire De Graft


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